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Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Carmel ES!

Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Carmel ES!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, we’re celebrating a school 2024 Teacher of the Year each day!  Fifth-grade English language arts and social studies teacher Samantha Harrington Karel, a 12-year educator, is the Teacher of the Year for Carmel Elementary School.

“From a young age, I saw the relationships she cultivated and how respected she was by my peers.  It is teachers like Mrs. Karel who inspired me to become an elementary teacher myself.  When I began my student teaching, I was eager to learn and grow from Samantha as my mentor,” a former student shared.  “Samantha is an amazing teacher who prioritizes relationships with her scholars.  I admire how she inspires her scholars to believe in themselves and push beyond their limits.  She is always there to support and encourage them to reach their full potential.  She will always be an inspiration to me and all her scholars.”

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